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YOBRO Self Care Dice WSG13596

YOBRO Self Care Dice WSG13596

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What’s Included? - You’ll score a pair of self-care dice radiating good vibes, one in zesty orange and the other in regal purple.

Dice Dimensions - Each die is a handy 2 square inches of high-grade PU material, offering a satisfying feel and roll.

Charming Aesthetics - Adorned with positive sayings on every side, these dice bring a dash of rustic elegance and a sprinkle of fun to your day.

Daily Inspiration - Shake up your routine with our self-care dice; they’re perfect for sparking inspiration and motivation whenever you need a boost.

Perfect for Gifting - Looking for a thoughtful present? Our delightful self-care dice make for an inspiring gift, sure to uplift and encourage anyone special in your life.

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