So glad I decided to purchase this, it is the perfect anniversary gift idea for couples! This poster is such a sweet and simple way to keep track of your dates together. If you’re looking for a unique way to express love this Valentine’s Day here it is! 100% recommend and can’t wait to continue to use it.

ABC Garage

I bought this for a colleague who would often be interrupted while she was on calls. She loves it. It is useful in making sure you are not disturbed, esp in an open office plan where people can just walk up to you. It is helpful to both parties, the one who does not want to be disturbed and for others who don't want to disturb someone. It has some cute/positive messages too that help to lift up the overall mood.


I bought this tape dispenser for my work desk. As everyone is returning and in need of office supplies. I thought it wouldn’t be easy to steal.I was wrong everyone loves it! And surprisingly the hotdog tape is better than regular tape.I’ve always loved my hotdog tape dispenser! And this is a fun item on my desk.

Carmen B.

I haven't actually purchased this from them however I used to own this one and have been searching tirelessly for it and OMG!!!!! I can't believe it...here it is. Its perfect.