YOBRO Brand Story

Q1: Why did you start YOBRO?

A: We always love creating fun and unique products at affordable price. We particularly focus on offering stylish and trendy gifts for teenagers, and bring joy and happiness to our friends and families through gift-giving.

Q2: Who is YOBRO's target customers?

A: YOBRO's main target customers are young people aged 15-29. However, anyone who is young at heart also can enjoy our products.

Q3: How is YOBRO different from its competitors?

A: YOBRO define itself as both an original creator and a resource integrator. We have UK &HK based design team and excellent outsourcing design house to help to create new ideas continually. Additionally, our strong NPD team and mature supply chain in Ningbo, China help us turn these ideas into real products faster and more economical.

Q4: What is YOBRO's Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

A: YOBRO's USP is its fun and unique products that showcase innovative style and a sense of humor.

Q5: What is the price range and quality of YOBRO products?

A: Yobro's products range in price from $10 to $35 at retailers and offer good quality with trendy designs.

Q6: What is the meaning behind the name YOBRO?

A: YOBRO is derived from the greeting "Yo Bro," which symbolizes an emotional connection between good friends.

Q7: What is YOBRO's vision, mission and values?

A: YOBRO's vision is to be the leading creative gift brand worldwide. Our mission is sharing happiness through Gift-giving, and we value credibility, innovation, cooperation, and win-win relationships with our customers and partners.