YOBRO Tyre Pizza Cutter WSG11337

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★Easy Pizza Cut: Easy Pizza Cut: This pizza cutter will surprise you at how easy it is to make nice, clean cuts on your pizza. You can put the toppings where they belong on your pizza. The razor-sharp stainless steel on this ingenious pizza slicer effortlessly for effortless slicing of pizza.
★Ergonomic Handle: Our pizza cutter comes with a comfortable ergonomic non-slip handle that cuts by applying pressure on the top of the handle, ensuring easy and quick cuts on the first step. And keeping your hands and fingers out of harm’s way.
★Premium Material: Pizza cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel, not easy to rust. Anti-slip handle and lid are made of thermoplastic rubber. Safe and durable, built to last.
★Easy to Wash: Easy cleaning and dishwasher safe, separate cutter cover, you just need a quick rinse before putting them in the dishwasher with your other kitchen utensils!
★Novelty Design: The pizza cutter's design is in the shape of a tire, with a separate cutter cover, The overall design is like a tire, when you use this pizza cutter in the kitchen, it will make you feel how fun it is to make delicious food.