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YOBRO Super Word Game WSG13054

YOBRO Super Word Game WSG13054

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Packaging Contents :144 pieces Letter Blocks;1 * Storage Bag;1 * Storage Bucket;1*Instruction Manual

Letter Design: Designed as a 0.8inch square letter block, Contains 13*A, 3*B, 3*C, 6*D, 18*E, 3*F, 4*G, 3*H, 12*I, 2*J, 2*K, 5*L, 3*M, 8*N, 11*O, 3*P, 2*Q, 9*R, 6*S, 9*T, 6*U, 3*V, 2*X, 3*Y, 2*Z.

Super Word Game: This is a very pure word game where you simply use the letter blocks from the bag to form words.  It’s suitable for all ages to enjoy.

How to play: Your goal is to construct words using the letter tiles.      Arrange the letter tiles into words or connect them with words created by other player. Fun and Portable:Grab-and-go fun, anytime, anywhere.The perfect travel game!

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