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YOBRO Fun Desk Sign WSG13235

YOBRO Fun Desk Sign WSG13235

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Ideal Size for Any Desk: At 8.3" x 2", this desk plate fits perfectly in any workspace, providing a touch of personality without overcrowding your area.

Playful Pink Palette: This tri-sided desk sign features a charming pink and white design. Flip through the sides to display witty sayings like “OUT OF THE LOOP,” “NEED MORE COFFEE,” or “I’M WEARING MY PARTY PANTS.”

Bold Blue Statements: With its striking blue and white color scheme, this desk sign offers three sides of fun. Choose from “IT’S JUST A JOB” “DOING NOTHING” or “ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?” to express your office vibes. 

Chic Desk Accessory: Crafted from lightweight plastic with eye-catching colors, this desk sign is the perfect complement to your office decor.

The Gift of Laughter: Looking for a unique present for a coworker’s birthday, holiday celebration, or other occasion? This humorous desk sign is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

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